Quiet book apple tree page ─ template & tutorial

Hi Craftphiles! Today I want to share with you how I created this adorable quiet book apple tree page. This page is part of a quiet book that I am making for a friend’s little boy who is two years old.

  • To create the quiet book apple tree page, you will need:
  • My free quiet book apple tree template here
  • A few craft materials listed below
  • Around three hours of crafting time
    Simply follow this easy step-by-step tutorial and at the end of it, your quiet book apple tree page will be ready!
How sweet did this quiet book apple tree page turn out?! 😀

Step 1 ─ Print and cut the quiet book apple tree template

Simply click on the image below for the quiet book apple tree template PDF. Print it out at 100% scale.

Quick tip: if your printer is eating up the page margins, simply select ‘poster mode’ and your quiet book apple tree template should print out perfectly.

Now take a sharp pair of scissors and cut out the individual pattern pieces. Do not use your fabric scissors!

Cut out the quiet book apple tree pattern pieces

Step 2 ─ Gather your materials

You will need the following materials to create your quiet book apple tree page:

  • Wool-mix felt in 4 different colors:  brown, light green, dark green and red.
  • Fusible web
  • Heavy weight fusible interfacing
  • Green or clear snap studs. (Alternatively, you could use Velcro or any other fastenings of your choice)
  • A small length of brown knitting yarn to make the apple stalks. I used cheap polyester yarn from our local Aldi store. You don’t need anything fancy.
  • A small amount of polyester filling
  • Your background quiet book page measuring 7×7 inches.
    To accurately create this page, use my free template and tutorial that will save you tons of time.
  • Sewing thread in red, green and brown.

Step 3 ─ Prepare the materials for your quiet book apple tree page

Quiet book apple tree pinterest
Pin this to your quiet book board for reference!


The apples on this quiet book page are made up of stiffened felt. So you will need to stiffen the red and light green felt first.

You can find a detailed step-by-step tutorial of how to do this in my post here. Alternatively, you can watch my short video tutorial here. I would highly recommend that you go over this once so that you start making this quiet book page as smoothly as possible.

Fusible web

Take two pieces of fusible web.  One needs to be slightly larger than the treetop pattern piece. The other one needs to be slightly larger than the tree stem pattern piece.

Red, green and brown felt. And also fusible interfacing and fusible web.

Using a hot dry iron, bond the larger piece of fusible web onto the back of the green felt. Bond the smaller piece of fusible web onto the back of the brown felt.

Heavyweight fusible interfacing

You will use the fusible interfacing on the back of your stiffened red felt.

Take a piece of heavy weight fusible interfacing large enough to accommodate five apples. You don’t need to measure the piece. Simply eyeball a large enough piece of fusible interfacing that will do the job.

Using a hot dry iron, bond the fusible interfacing onto the back of the stiffened red felt.

Brown yarn

You will use the brown yarn to create your apple stalks.

  1. Cut up five lengths of the brown yarn slightly longer than your index finger.
  2. Tie a simple knot on one end of each piece of yarn. 
  3. Now use an ordinary candle lighter to melt the yarn end at the top of the knot.  Repeat for all the other four pieces.  Your apple stalks are ready.

Step 4 ─ Cut out the quiet book apple tree materials

  1. Flip over the red, green and brown felt pieces so that you can see the wrong side.
  2. Flip over the pattern pieces that you cut out earlier so that the printed words are facing down.
  3. Use a ball pen to carefully trace each pattern onto the back of its respective felt piece. For the red felt, trace around the apple pattern five times to create five separate inverted apple shapes.
  4. Now use a sharp pair of scissors to cut out all of these pieces of felt. It helps to use a smaller pair of scissors to cut around tight curves or small shapes.
    To create the apple leaves, I did not even bother to tape or trace the pattern onto the felt. I simply took the stiff, light green felt and placed the leaf pattern on top of it.
    Holding the pattern and felt firmly together, I simply cut around the leaf in two smooth cuts. My felt leaf was cut out within a matter of mere seconds! Repeat the same for the other four leaves.

Once all your pieces of felt have been cut out, move onto the next step.

Step 5 ─ Fuse the tree onto the quiet book page

Begin by fusing the green part of the tree onto to your quiet book page. To do this, you will first have to carefully remove the backing paper off the fusible web. Repeat the same for the piece of brown felt as well.

Now use a hot iron to set and fuse the pieces of green and brown felt onto your quiet book page.

Once the apple tree has been fused in place, move onto the next step

Step 6  ─ Create the apples

The highlight of this quiet book page is the apples. And they do require some careful steps to turn out just right. Here is how I did mine!

I decided that I wanted to use simple snap studs for these apples. But you can use velcro or sew-on studs or any other kind of fastenings that you like. Here let me show you how I created these apples using snap studs as the fixtures.

The point of attachment is on the red side of the felt!
  1. Take a piece of stiffened red felt and heat press a piece of heavyweight fusible interfacing on one side. This heavyweight fusible interfacing must be large enough to accommodate five apples comfortably.
  2. Mark out five dots for the centers of five apples on this fusible interfacing.
  3. Use an awl to poke holes through each of these five dots.
  4. Now use your snap stud kit to install the male components of your snap buttons through these holes. 
    Remember: the point of attachment will be on the red side of the felt!
  5. Now take an apple cutout that you had created earlier. Also pick up 1 apple stock and 1 apple leaf.
  6. Thread your sewing machine with a red spool and a red bobbin.
  7. Carefully place one apple cut out on top of the back off a snap stud that you have just installed.  Start sewing a straight stitch 1 mm on the inside of the edge.
  8. When you reach the top middle of your apple, stop with the needle inside the felt.
  9. Lift the presser foot and carefully place the brown stock and leaf in between the felt pieces.
  10. Now lower the presser foot and continue to stitch over the leaf and stock.
  11. Once you have stitched three-quarters of the way around the apple, stop.  With the needle inside the felt, lift the presser foot.
  12. Take a small all piece of polyester filling and gently stuff it inside the apple using something pointy like the back of a paint brush.
    You don’t need to use a whole lot of filling. A piece of polyester wool the size of your thumb nail should be enough to do the job.
    I have written in greater step-by-step detail on how to do this in my post here.
  13. Once the filling is inside, lower the presser foot again and continue stitching  all the way around the apple.
  14. When you reach the starting point, do a couple of stitches back and forth.  Then snip off the thread and take the project out from under the presser foot.
  15. Knot the threads manually and use a hand needle to bury the long ends. Then snip off the excess.
  16. Take a small sharp pair of scissors and carefully cut around the stitched apple. Take particular care when cutting around the leaf and stalk ─ you don’t want to chop those off!
  17. Your apple is now ready.  Repeat for the other four apples.
The finished apple

Quick tip ─ If you are struggling to sew around the apple because of the snap stud,  try using a zipper foot on your machine.

Step 7 ─ Finishing off the apple tree

Finishing off the apple tree is really simple!

Your apples are now ready. All you need to do next is finish off the quiet book apple tree.

  1. Simply thread your sewing machine with green thread and sew around the tree top. 
  2. Then thread your sewing machine with brown thread and sew the apple tree stem in place.
  3. Arrange the apples that you have just created evenly onto the green bit of the apple tree.
  4. Use a fine-tipped pen to gently mark the placement of the snap studs.
  5. Now use your snap stud kit to install the female component of your buttons on these marks.

And that’s it, your quiet book apple tree page is complete!

Don’t forget to tidy up your quiet book apple tree page!

Make sure you tidy everything up by gently ironing the quiet book page along with the edges of the apples you have just created.  Do not hold the iron in one place for too long or you will end up squashing the polyester filling.

Some parting thoughts on the quiet book apple tree page

I would love for this page to have a little pouch or basket where the toddler can collect the apples.  But as you can see, there is not enough space on this page.

But I have something in mind that will help me achieve this purpose though. I will be making it and updating this page to show you how it turned out!

If you are still unsure of how to go about creating a quiet book, check out my post where I share how I learned to start making quiet books in just three easy steps.

You can find tons of free resources, tutorials and templates on this website and I am adding more stuff every week.

I want to share with you all that I have picked up in my five years of making quiet books so that you too can create these easily at home! So do browse through the menu links above.

I hope you feel inspired enough to start your next quiet book today!

Happy crafting! xx

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