Quiet book tools and resources

I’m really excited about this page because here, I will share with you the tools and resources that I have developed to help you speed up your quiet book making.

I will keep updating this resource page so keep checking back for more. And now without further ado, grab these tools before you begin!

Quiet book planning tool

My Quiet Book Planning Tool will help you create a quiet book with 10 pages. For longer books, simply get multiple prints! Click the link above to grab your PDF file!

Use this tool to plan out the exact layout of your quiet book pages, along with the front and back cover. I have even marked out the layout of the simple and complex quiet book pages so you can just focus on your scribbles, rather than worrying about the content type. You can further read about how to use this tool here.

Quiet book page templates

Want to make a template for your quiet book but not sure where to start? No worries! Simply download and print this free quiet book page templates pdf file. Choose what size quiet book you want to create and use the corresponding square. Easy as pie!

Make sure your printer settings are in order. Use the 1-inch scale to check the measurements. If in doubt, try the ‘poster’ button under your print settings to get prints at the correct scale.

Watch this space as I upload more free resources. Happy crafting!