What size are quiet book pages – time-saving tips and tricks!

When I first started out making quiet books back in 2014, I didn’t know what size my quiet book pages should be. So I used to spend a lot of time guessing, measuring and cutting out my materials to a size that I thought is right. But now I know that the size of quiet book pages depends upon the age of the child.

Young toddlers 1 to 2 years old have tiny hands. Therefore smaller quiet book pages, 5×5 or 6×6 inches are perfect for them. Children aged 3 to 5 years are happiest with larger, more complex quiet books measuring at least 8×8 inches. Take a look at this table to quickly determine the size of your quiet book pages.

quiet book page sizes
What size are quiet book pages? The answer is in this table!

The fastest way to create accurately sized quiet book pages

Now that you know how to determine the size of your quiet book pages, let me show you how I create my quiet book pages quickly and accurately.

I have been creating quiet books for more than five years now. In hindsight, I wish someone had given me this one tip when I first started out. And that is to always use a template for creating accurately sized quite book pages.

quiet book page size template
Always use a simple quiet book page template to make your pages

A quiet book template is a piece of cardboard that acts like a guide to help you create repetitive shapes and patterns quickly and efficiently. This saves you time over measuring each and every shape before cutting it out.

I have talked extensively about making and using quiet book templates in my post on How to make quiet book pages stiff, where you will find a lot of detailed photos in there about how to quickly and accurately create these templates. This will help you to quickly create correctly sized quiet book pages every single time.

Quiet book page sizes affect your crafting time and effort

Knowing the exact size of your quiet book pages can help you take a smarter approach towards your craft. A smaller sized quiet book will require fewer materials, and less time/effort compared to a larger quiet book.

A large, complex quiet book page measuring 8×8 inches, phew! I spent a lot of time piecing together the background and making the interactive apple and worm. The apple has two ‘slices’ that can be lifted from the left and right. The worm can go in and out of the hole. The apple stalk and leaf are also 3D. Letter ‘A’ is on a separate page, with an interactive jigsaw piece.

For example recently, I made two different quiet books for my nephew and my niece. My nephew was older and beginning to learn writing. So I made him a large 8×8 quiet book which had a lot of different activities and details. I spent a lot of time making that quiet book for him because each page had lots of space that needed to be filled up. There was also a lot of binding that was required because the size of the pages was large.

A simple 7×7 inch quiet book page for my baby niece. The page background is all one fabric, and the apple is much simpler with a simple slide-string interactive activity. Letter ‘A’ is still on a separate page but there are no movable parts here. Simple!

On the other hand, my niece was almost a baby, just beginning to walk. For her, I chose to make a smaller quiet book, 7×7 inches. And because there was less space on each page, I inevitably had to make a simpler quiet book that required less time and effort. The binding also did not take as long as the larger quiet book.

I hope you can see how the size of your quiet book pages is connected to the effort and time that you need to invest in your craft. Therefore choose your quiet book page size wisely.

Go for larger sized books when you are absolutely sure you can commit your time and effort!

Knowing your quiet book page size can save you money

I am a huge advocate of buying crafting supplies as cheaply as possible. And to save money on supplies like fabric and fusible interfacing, I like to buy these by the metre because that way, the price per unit goes down. And since I know I will be making quiet books for years to come, I know that the leftover fabric will be utilised in good time, saving me money in the long run.

A screenshot of an Ebay search for ‘cotton fat quarter bundles’. You can find coordinating fabric at fairly good prices if you just want to make one or two quiet books. (I live in England so the prices are in £££!)

However if you just want to make one small quiet book in the foreseeable future, there is a point to be made about buying fabric bundles online. These are usually sold in job lots of fabric scraps, or fat quarters. The best part about these is that they are sold in coordinated color schemes. So you don’t have to think about what colors would look best together. That work is already one for you!

So remember: if you want to make large-sized quiet books multiple times in future, consider buying fabric by the meter. But if you want to make a small quiet book , go for fabric bundles. You can easily find tonnes of these on Ebay but make sure you compare their prices because they do vary quite a bit.

Quiet book ideas are stongly related to the size of the quiet book

We have already established that large quiet book pages require more complex activities compared to smaller ones. Following this trail of thought, the size of your quiet book will also affect the quiet book ideas that you need to be looking out for. Pinterest is a great place to look for quiet book ideas, along with Google Images.

Pin this image to your quiet book ideas board for reference!

Once you have selected your quiet book page size, it becomes very easy to know what kind of ideas you need. For example if you are making a quiet book for a young child 1-2 years old, the size of your quiet book pages will be no more than 6×6 inches. Inevitably, the kind of activities you include inside that small quiet book will be relatively simple.

My favorite one for 1-2 year old toddlers is a spell-my-name book quiet book, where each page has a letter of the child’s name, along with an associated activity. So you could search for something like “quiet book letter A page” on Pinterest etc. You could also include simple educational pages like matching shapes and colours, or counting up to 5. Another popular page for this age group is a family pictures page to help the toddler establish their own identity.

For slightly older toddlers for example pre-schoolers, the size of your quiet book will be bigger, perhaps 8×8 or 9×9 inches. Children of this age are still learning spellings so you could still include spell-my-name pages. But you could be a lot more adventurous and also include more complex pages like telling the time or tying shoelaces or putting letters together to make words. You could include more complex shapes such as pentagon and hexagon, which younger babies might not be ready for.

Once again, check out Pinterest and you will be inundated with hundreds of relevant ideas.

Choosing the right quiet book page size ─ some parting thoughts

Now that you know what size are quiet book pages, you are better prepared to save time on searching for relevant quiet book ideas. This will help you move faster towards the making stage of your quiet book, rather than just being stuck in planning it out.

If you are still unsure of what you need to do to make your quiet book, check out my post on How to make a quiet book which will walk you through all the steps one by one. Now go onto Pinterest and get searching.

Happy crafting!

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